Happy Birthday, Sneaky E!

I cannot believe four years have already passed!

Today my sweet baby boy, Sneaky E turns FOUR years old!

I cannot find the words to tell you how blessed I feel to be the mother of this wonderful little boy.  

Right from the beginning he was wrapping people around his sneaky little fingers...just seconds after he arrived into this world, he had the nurses swooning..."oh, look at those dimples" they said! ;)

I know he will look back on this baby pictures and probably not feel the same love that I felt over his vast collection of HATS! LOL

He is a delight in every way...

but, he's also the biggest mess maker I have even known!!

But, I am never able to stay  mad at him for very long...

(I'm doomed, am I not?!?)  ;)

I try extra hard not to spoil him....

almost as hard as I try to UNDERSTAND him...his world is not complete unless there is a fine, organized line of cars, cups, legos or random items...and of course reminding you 35 times in one day that he is going to SOCCER on Monday!

I think he's a genius in the making! ;)

 He is TOUGHER than nails...and I LOVE this about him!

Daddy P thinks he's going to be the ultimate athlete! ;)

 But he's also afraid of the dark & clings to me like Velcro if we are the only two people in the house after dark...and I TOTALLY LOVE that too! 

Whatever he might be...he is...


my little Sneaky E!


Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!!

and Happy Easter Weekend to you!  :)