Monogram Madness!

OH, the madness!!

I've been hunting for some Monogrammed goodness for my E to wear this summer...seriously, NO ONE does these around here!  My only option was buying the shirt myself & then taking it to my local shop...this option was just not as cheap as I thought I would be able to, I've been hunting!

& I FINALLY found some!

I have looked & looked for someone who does these (reasonably) & finally found a seller on Etsy who does boys monogrammed tees like I wanted for Sneaky E!

I bought a regular tee & a polo...

I'll keep you posted on the quality.  If they are nice, I'm going to order a couple more & make him some fun print, simple elastic waist shorts to wear this summer.  

He's already declared that he will NOT be wearing the sweet sleeveless shortall rompers that are hanging in his little this one...

((I grieve))!!!


I've cleaned out all the closets upstairs...good golly, these kids won't stop growing for a second!!

Yesterday I got out (child free) & shopped hard ...

hit the Maxx, got GREAT DEALS on summer clothes for the my boys SIX matching polos (four for E & two for Big O), two pairs of shorts, got E a sweater vest like Big O's...all these were RL brand, 

I got Miss O an outfit, swimsuit & a cover up, AND bought myself a golf outfit...I totaled up all of this stuff at regular price & it would have been close to $450...I paid $130 for all of it...pat, pat my back! ;)


I'm a warrior today...out in the YARD!

I planted FIVE blackberry bushes out by the fence yesterday (ow, my back) & today E & I are going to put out some lilies that came from my Granny's yard.  I love having flowers that came from her yard. :)  We are also going to clean out the garage, spray paint some shelves & ride maybe the 4 wheeler! ;)

I'm off to start some laundry & layer on some sunscreen to work outside...tonight's Big O's first Dixie Youth Baseball game...


It's going to be a BUSY day, y'all!

Happy Tuesday!