My Alice in Disneyland!

Gotta love it!

Things NEVER work out for us like this!

If you have been to Disney you know that there is no schedule of never know WHO you will see out & about character wise!  

We were SO thrilled when we walked through the gates and ran right into Alice, the Mad Hatter AND the Queen of Hearts...(with a giddy Miss O dressed as Alice herself)...

talk about good luck! 

(& come to think of it these WERE taken on St. Patrick's Day...) ;)

The characters with masks do not speak, but the people characters do & they play their parts perfectly!

The Queen acted STARTLED to see another "Alice" walk up...

Miss O got all three of them to autograph her book...all along the real Alice is rambling on some nonsense & the Queen & Mad Hatter are fighting over the book & pen....

I wish I could have seen Miss O's face...

I know she was VERY excited!!

Alice in Wonderland is her favorite movie...and she LOVED the new version too (so did I, go see it in's FANTASTIC)!

This could be why she begged Daddy P to buy her this horrible hat later on in the evening 

(oh, YES he did...baha!!)

She also had her picture taken in front of the castle & several cast members called out to her..."Hello, Alice"!!  

She was on cloud nine!!

I have to give a HUGE THANKS to my sweet pal, Kristen of Blue Bottle Designs on Etsy!  This is our second Disney costume from her & it was AWESOME ...all of her costumes are SO very well made & arrived with a little extra love's the other one she did for Miss O on our last trip...

Yes, Kristen....that extra pixie dust you used REALLY did the trick this time!! ;)

After visiting Fantasy Land we skipped across the way to meet up with the boys in California Adventure Park (Daddy P & Big O were taking this Fast Pass thing a little too seriously).
We ran right into LILO, I wish we could have seen Stitch as well...Miss O is crazy over them!!

Yep...Pretty fun day, it was! :)

Well, I've got to get some things together for dinner...

I'll be sharing one more time in the morning (& after that it will suddenly be Monday)'s going to be a BUSY weekend here...Egg Hunt & Easter Festivities...

and a little birthday boy! :)

Happy Friday!!