No Sew Baby Banner Tutorial...

Well, finally!

Got some crafty time in & thought I would share this EASY, no sew project with you.

I've seen lots of banners latley, 

they are just
cute, cute, cute!!

I especially love the ones Jen does on Tatortots & her Coffee Filter Banner, so pretty!!

The best part is...

they're REALLY simple to make!

I decided to make one for Baby Love's shower a couple of weeks ago & it turned out SO NICE & it was EASY!!

We have another family baby to shower this weekend, so I decided to whip up another one of these cuties for my mother in law to use on her mantel.

I LOVE how this one turned out!

First you'll need to gather your materials.  You could easily make one of these with PAPER, I decided to use some fabric scraps that I had in my stash.

The blue banner I made with that delicious velvet ribbon (oh, I loved that stuff)!!  This one I used some pink bias tape that I had left over from a sewing project.

After I picked my fabrics, I got busy with my iron.  I cannot work with fabric unless it's been ironed nice & neat...I can't even think straight until it's ironed nice &'s an insanity! ;)

Then I went to my Creative Keepsakes program & printed out my letters...

cut those out & then decided on a print to use for my letters on the banner.

I just measured across my mantel to see how big I wanted my squares to can customize your project here (aka, do your own math)...I decided to make mine 10x10 with a 4x4 fabric box in the middle.

Because fabric is a bit flimsy when hanging, I decided to add weight to my project by applying the fabric squares with Steam A Seam.  You can find this product at Joann's or Hobby Lobby, it comes in a clear plastic baggie.  I use it so much, I bought a box of it in bulk (lifetime supply, ha).  I've tried several of these adhesive products & Steam A Seam is THE only one I will's THE BEST!  

Ok, now I'm ready to add my letters.  
These have been lined with a fusible fleece (the white stuff on the back).  You don't have to do this with yours.  This was from a camera strap in the making & I just cut it up because I needed the ta dot fabric. The letters will be just fine with NOTHING on the back (although, I did like the way the fusible fleece made the letters rise off the banner just slightly).

Just apply your tacky glue on the back of the letter & stick it down where you want it to be.

Then you're ready to attach the banner pieces to the ribbon or whatever you are this case, it's bias tape.  I really liked this because I just opened it up & put the glue on (where the BACK of the fabric square was going to be applied).  

Then, I put it on top of the glue & added a few dots to the FRONT of the fabric square (just a bit, you don't want your glue dotties to show through).

and did this for each one.

then, I let it dry completely flat on the table.

When it's dry, you're ready to party!

And speaking of parties...

we're off to the baby shower on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Daddy P & the boys are tilling a garden this weekend...they are out there working so hard...they make me giggle! ;)
Happy Sunday!