Out on the Front Porch...

I've been trying to spiff up my front porch a bit...

it's a MONSTER!

(and LOL at Lightning McQueen pulled up in the driveway...baha) 

The size of it has kept me from attempting anything out there...it's just so overwhelming & I'm SO the "symmetrical decorator"...both sides have to matchy, it's impossible for me to get out of the box...it's very frustrating!

Here's one side...

and this is the other...

Kinda bland...I know.
I'm going to get some big (fake) ferns to put in those pots to give it some more color.

I'll keep working on it.

The PROBLEM I have with my front porch right now is with the front door.
The morning sun has just WORN the stain right off the door!

You can see down at the bottom, it's light & worn...the top part of the door is dark & shiny. 

What should I do here!?!

These pictures make it look nicer than it is...the bottom part of the door is just weathered wood looking...it's nasty!

I love the wood stain, but I'm thinking I might paint the door black to match my shutters.  Or should I just re-stain it?  Add a kick plate or some decorative iron on the bottom?

We are going to need new door handle hardware on our front door anyway... because *someone* (not me) has lost the key to the front door & that seems to have been the only one we had!

I really love our door, but it's not looking very welcoming right now.

What to do, what to do?
I'll keep you posted on this project.


Well, I'm heading upstairs to measure a closet.

(warning...irate rambling nonsense ahead)

Miss O's room has driven me over the edge.

The upstairs, the boy's rooms, the playroom...they are ALL spit spot, neat, vacuumed....LOVELY!

Her room is a nightmare!!!!!!

Something that I'm SURE my own mother would call "sweet payback"...

I must not be alone, I had no trouble finding images to share...I will say that her room would give these rooms a run for their money! ;)

Now, would that not just drive YOU crazy too!

I'm going to attempt to revamp her closet to get more storage out of it...that wire shelf/clothes hanging scenario is just not helping the sister out!


and speaking of Miss O's messy bedroom...

do any of you local peeps know someone who can fix DRAWERS... 

if I don't find someone to fix these drawers on her dresser soon, I'm going up there with an AX & chopping it into splinters!  

The entire thing is driving me nuts!

(irate rambling nonsense ends)



Ok! :)

I'm hopping up & getting busy!

Hope you guys are having a BEAUTIFUL Springy morning!

It's going to be another fantastic day out here in Crazytowne! ;)

Happy Monday!!

((and did I tell you the Big O hit his first home run over the fence on Thursday night?!?  GO, BIG O!!!))