Stormy Saturday!

Thankfully, all we had was just a few ugly thunderstorms...

& everyone is safe & sound.

Yesterday a MAJOR storm front crawled across the state; lightning, strong winds, LOTS of rain...even a few tornadoes touched down (thankfully, not in our local area).

This morning, the storms have passed & it's a BEAUTIFUL, breezy Sunday...God is so good!

Speaking of beautiful...I got out & took a few pictures of the front as it approached us at dusk. 

The sky was almost a midnight blue color, it was absolutely beautiful!

Just before I went back inside, the SUN started to set through a hole in the storm was amazing!

Isn't that crazy!

Yesterday's rain found us all five shut up in the house...ball canceled...what a GLORIOUS lazy day we had!  I think that was our first "day at home" since we got back from Disney!  We SO needed a rester!!

Daddy P had gone in Best Buy Friday night & got himself a couple of movies.  He & the kids wore the leather couch out & I got a TON of sewing done (even reopened my Etsy shop in hopes of clearing out some of my fabric)!

((However, if I hear one more word about "Abatar" I'm going to scream!!))


Speaking of Etsy...

I've been wearing that site out lately!!

I totally need this print to hang inside my mud room...don't you think!? ;)

Too funny!

The donkey on Shrek is a HUGE favorite with my kids...they would totally get a kick out of that print! LOL 

and REMEMBER the monogrammed shirts I was telling you that I bought?

They came in & they are FABULOUS!!!

Now I see that Lauren is carrying SEERSUCKER shorts, lunch cubes & little backpacks too..yeah...I'll be back! ;)

Go check her out, she is a REAL sweetie! 

I've also been shopping for Miss O (aka, little miss I've grown out of everything in my closet & my mama & I cannot agree on anything we've seen at the store). 

I bought a few of these from Heather at Olive & Ollie.  She's the best, great quality & a super sweet gal!

You can buy what she has listed OR you can pick out your own color combo from her fabric collection on her Facebook page (FIVE delicious pages of fabric...HEAVENLY!!).  

and we also ordered one of these from Kelly at Emerson Rose Designs.

Seriously, SUCH a sweetheart & cute, cute stuff!
We will be shopping with her again!

So, between these purchases & the few little swing tops that I've been working on here in my little cove...we'll be buying a few pairs of knit leggings & Miss O & set (and mama will be ironing all summer long)!  

The best part, I never gave any of my money to that horrid Justice store! ;)
And that makes me so very happy!

Well, I'm hopping up & going to try to round us up for church this morning.

Hope everyone has a BEAUTIFUL Sunday! :)