It has been a weekend like no other...

looking out the window this morning, the sky is blue & the sun is shining bright...beautiful weather that is the complete opposite of what we have seen here in the past 48 hours!

Early Saturday morning the rain started & it POURED down on our area all weekend long causing mass flooding, deaths & horrendous damage to property! The Nashville airport was shut down, large tourist attractions and hotels (like the Gaylord Opryland Hotel) were evacuated due to mass flooding on the Cumberland River....ALL school systems in the middle TN area are closed today!

Here is a link to U Tube & several videos of the weather conditions we saw.  It was just unreal!

Daddy P & Big O spent most of yesterday down the road helping our neighbors who live on the lake.  They sandbagged flooded basements & SWAM OUT over what used to be the backyard for some to help TIE the boat docks to the trees to keep them from floating away...

It was a horrible weekend...I am so glad it is over and our friends & family are safe.  It's times like these that I am especially thankful for the Facebook website & being able to in check on friends & family quickly...it was so nice to know my loved ones were safe & people were able to get help (and prayers) more quickly by keeping their status updated.  Here are some pictures of our town that my friends have posted on FB...

the flooding has just been like nothing I have ever seen here!

This is at the end of our road...Daddy P ran into town to get groceries & barely made it back before the ditch took over the road...one driver tried to go on through it & had to be rescued (you can see the top of their suv in this pic).

This is the park where Sneaky E & I meet up with friends for our playdates...completely under water!

and this is our town square...the damage to the businesses in this historic area is just devastating! :(  

This photo is from the web cam on our local paper's website...you can click this link to watch LIVE coverage of the clean up down on the square (pretty amazing)...http://www.lebanondemocrat.com/hattoncam-cms-3671


I am so thankful today that we are safe & dry.  We received minor water damage out in our pool house & most of our landscaping (dirt & mulch) has been washed away...but, that is absolutely NOTHING compared to the damage that our neighbors, friends & local businesses have experienced.  We were VERY lucky this weekend!

I will continue to pray today for our town and flood victims...please add them to your prayer list as well.  

I hope this blog entry finds you safe & dry!

Happy Monday!