Goodness on my table...

Remember me yamming on about our photo shoot with Shannon?

I got these in the mail last week...

spent 20 blissful minutes admiring them while the kids were out in the yard playing...

then packed them right back up 

(and used TAPE, I might add)...

don't want ANYTHING to happen to these wonderful pictures before I can get them up on the wall in frames.

Oh, I just LOVE them!

Cannot wait to see these beautiful smiles on my walls!


I just found out ball has been canceled due to rain...

YEAH!!  Lazy, rainy, PJ night...bring it on!! LOL

Can you keep a secret (from Daddy P)?

Miss O is having a birthday next month & she's getting a kitty!

Meet Belle...short for Tinker Belle. :)

I know he's not a cat fan...but how can you not ADORE a precious like that one?!! He'll love her...that "I hate cats" thing is just a cover-up...he's just a big softie on the inside!

Yes...she will be SO...VERY...EXCITED! :)


I'm having trouble making a decision.

Daddy P bought these fabulous cabinets at an auction last month.  One was perfect & moved right into my living room.  The other one was way cheap & I want to PAINT it...I'll be back with pictures...maybe you can help me to decide.

Happy Thursday! :)