The Lame Blogger...

It's HERE!!!!

June is upon me...

I cannot contain my excitement...


is just over the little hill!!

I am fooling myself if I think I will blog about all the insanity that has happened this past, here's a quick summary of events that I actually had a camera in my hand for...

Soccer wrap up...

What a great season Sneaky E had...we went ahead & signed him up for the fall league (now the insanity is sure to return).

The best part for him...

his first TROPHY! ;)


Last weekend, literally the ONLY weekend in May that it was not storming...we went out on the lake with some friends (instead of doing the much needed work in our yard that is still waiting on us to do at this very minute...*sigh*).

Big O broke his pinkie finger earlier in the weekend (yeah, you see that finger the size of a golf ball there), but it didn't stop him from joining in on the fun!

and did I mention that Sneaky E fell out of the bed that same weekend & had to have five STITCHES on his forehead!?! 

These boys are giving me gray hairs!!


My fridge died the weekend of the big flood...the next time you see this part of my kitchen there will be a new fridge AND a new cabinet on that wall (it could be a year from now at the rate that I am going, but that IS the plan)!


Sneaky E had his little program at very sweet!

Miss O had her awards day at school...

and the sweet boy that I used to know as Big O, who is now known as Evil Middle School Boy...*sign*...I need prayers & good vibes, I am having such a hard time with him right now!!!

Who is this boy?!?!
I miss the old Big O! :(


And lastly, my painting project...I'm hoping to start on it this week since the kids are out of little china cabinet (and yes, clearly we need to clean our garage too)!

I'm hoping to paint something like this...maybe a bit, we shall see.

Right NOW we are heading out for family kickboxing class & tennis at the gym...Miss O is all about it! 

On the way we're going to pick up supplies to make one of these:

Isn't that AWESOME!!!

You can get the step by step instructions right HERE at Positively Splendid!


Hopping up...

hope y'all have a WONDERFUL Saturday!