Laundry Room Drop Cloth Drapes thought I was coming right back with those pics didn't you! ;)
My new drapes got me thrown into a cleaning I have a NEW laundry room! LOL

A few weeks ago my pal, Sharae was telling me about these drop cloth drapes that she did for her master suite...

her room turned out WONDERFUL (and check out this CABINET she just finished, TDF!!!)...

I had to admit, I had never HEARD of doing that!

After a quick google turns out that I must be the ONLY person who hasn't heard of it...

it's been going on in houses all over blog world! ;)

Just look at some of these BEAUTIFUL rooms that feature drapes transformed from DROP CLOTHS found at your local hardware store!!

A Penny Saved, sure saved a penny (or a few) on all those windows she filled with drop cloth drapes...GORGEOUS room!

I think THIS is my favorite version...OUTDOOR!!

I would LOVE to do this on my big back porch!

Heather Bullard has it going on...great job, girl!

I decided to try this look in my laundry room.
You might remember the NO SEW Burlap Curtains that I put up in there last year...

They have been grand, but unfortunately I have the attention span of a three year, down they go.

I went to Home Depot & found a TWIN PACK for $9.98...(that's 2 canvas drop cloths for just under $10)

NOW, I have crisp, clean canvas drapes...

and my laundry room is looking CLEAN & FAB (for a change)!

I found a new lamp for my living room, so the runaway bunny moves again...

but he's right at home in here now! ;)

Well, I'm up to run some errands...I was heading to the gym, but my list is SO LONG this morning...I'll have to meet up with Jillian & do the shred later. I also have SEVEN new straps to photograph & list...I'll be back to share those later.

Hope you guys have a fab Monday!