Dressed Up!

Busy weekend here!

Mama & Daddy P got out Saturday night, all dressed up...

acting silly & having a wonderful time!

Then met up with friends before going to our dinner.

My feet still hurt from dancing & my face still hurts from smiling...

so, I guess that means we had a pretty good time! ;)


TODAY is a big one!!

Miss O & her friend Mal are going to "The Master's Series" at our local art venue...they'll be learning about different artists & doing a painting each day of that style.  I sure wish I could go! ;)

Taking Big O to the weight room at school...today is the first day of TEAM workouts for football...Mr. 7th grader has to go build up those muscles! 

Heading to the gym myself with Sneaky E...he makes me laugh doing is mock exercises & going to the nursery...he's so funny!  I'm going to try to do something about all those cookies I ate yesterday while I was stressing over something stupid...(did I mention that it was stupid?)...*sigh*...



Daddy P & I are taking all the kids to lunch, then off to the big PARADE!

Our favorite baseball team at our local college (and our alma mater) won the NATIONAL title last week & our town is celebrating & congratulating them with a parade in their honor...

Daddy P played ball with them back in college & he's know the coach his entire life.  It's pretty special to him!

I've got my camera charged up!  Sneaky E is going to be SO excited!!

Ok, so...jumping up...going to come back with something interesting to share besides old folks going to a fund raiser! ;)

Happy Monday, Y'all!