On Bacation...

Well, let's face it.

I am certifiable...totally a lame blogger! ;)

June has just blinked by...Crazytowne all the way! 

Big O has gone off to camp...

AND returned!


Miss O finished up her softball season...

 AND had a big birthday

and Mama & Daddy P took a little trip to the mountains (WITH NO KIDS...WHOOOHOOOOO!!). 

(note the bag of chocolates Daddy P is toting around...the man had to get his truffle fix) ;)

NOW our schedule is EMPTY & by golly, mama is going to spend some quality time with her peeps! I'm going to take an "official" bacation from blogging, etsy sewing & facebooking...yeah, NO computer on AT ALL during the day for 2-3 weeks...CAN I do it?!!? ;)

I'll be back next month & I WILL have a cabinet project to share...that is at the TOP of my list for sure!

You guys have a great little summer break...

talk to you soon! :)