So Smitten!

Yes, that's me!
(ahem, lots of words on Wednesday) ;)

I am so, SO excited!!

Last week I had a Stella & Dot trunk show here at my house...


My sweet girlfriends came out...

We nibbled, 
We giggled, 

We tried on EVERY piece of jewelry that the stylist brought!

NO pressure, no sales pitch, 

just girlfriends having a great time!!

The's AMAZING quality, the website (where it IS so fab) does not even do it simply MUST see it in person!

I had such a fabulous time watching my friends have such a fabulous time...

and then came the icing on the cake...

My little party was on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT,

all of my sweet friends received their jewelry in the mail on SATURDAY & (because I was in snail mode placing my order) all of mine arrived on MONDAY!

I spent time thinking & praying (ahem, I did ride for TEN hours in the car this past weekend...can you say THINKING CAP...whew!)...

It's just an amazing company, the product just knocked my socks off, the party was nothing but FUN...did I mention that I am a jewelry FANATIC...I am STILL swooning over the sight of that beautiful table full of jewels!!

I'm busy...yes! 
I am VERY busy & my kids & my family come busy mind said..."PLEASE, NOOOOOOOO" (ha, it did...really)....

but, my gut said "dummy, this could be the COOLEST thing that has ever happened to you!!"

and by golly...I went with the gut... ;)

I dove off & decided to take advantage of THIS:

and NOW, I am delighted to announce that I am...

a Stella & Dot Stylist!


So, I've been a little bit busy...a sewing fool, actually...trying to put together a little money to buy a table full of samples (in addition to the gaggle of sample items it got to pick with my starter kit).

I am just smitten...

& loving it! ;)

You can shop with me online here:

I would love to bring my jewelry over for you & your friends to play...let me know if you're interested in doing a show, my summer calendar is already filling up with show dates! :)