Lunch Box, Lunch Box, What's for Lunch?

Mercy has started...the bus has pulled off from the curb & I am already running along BEHIND it! ;)

I've been working on organizing here at the house, life is SO much more fun when there is order at home.  

I've decided to take on a new house project here, in hopes of creating MORE order (& I hope I don't cause us to go crazy in the process)...I'm going to turn my side hall into a "MUD ROOM"...

here's my inspiration so far:

Yeah, I've done my homework. ;)

I'll be sharing MORE about this soon, it will involve ME...nails, wood & paint...I'm kinda's serious business! ;)


So, let's talk LUNCH BOX!
This year I am really trying hard to pack lunches for the kids at least 3 times a week (ahem, let's do the math here...three children, three lunch boxes, three times a can easily see how I might be doing great if I pack them ONE day a week).

however, if you look at the price of SCHOOL LUNCHES at our school & do the can easily see that I am just a lazy mom for NOT packing them more than ONE day a week!! Whew, $$$$!

I found these really cool containers at Target.   

they stack & have a thin cool layer in the middle.  Miss O is ALL about this...keeps her ham sammich all nice & fresh, her veggies & fruit cool & since I only bought one, she's claimed it as hers (and since the lid is purple, my boys could care less)!

I guess I'll be picking up a couple more this week (hope they have other colors besides purple).

I see they have a GREAT website too...Fit N Fresh...check them out, right now they're offering FREE shipping on their site for orders $30 or more.  Use the code AUGUSTFS at checkout.  

What awesome stuff they have!!!


But now, did I mention that Sneaky E's room is a PEANUT FREE room...*sigh* heart hurts for those peanut allergy moms, how scary that is!

So, I have had to really dig to find some new ideas for my lunch box's what I've found:

Laptop Lunches...oh, my...I think I just found a new best friend! ;)

My sweet pal, Paige shared some Lunch Box ideas on her blog this week...Check out The PRICE Family Ideas for back to school lunches.

Parenting has some great lunch box meals to share, click here.

Here's another site I found that has great lunchbox ideas...Lunch in a Box!

And of course, you can always find FUN food ideas at Family Fun!

How about you guys?

Any lunch box favorites at your house?

Leave me a comment, I would LOVE to hear your ideas! :)

Happy Weeknd!