Pretty Blue Cabinet, I love you!

I bet y'all thought I was coming right back  to share the cabinet...

yeah, me too...

Good to know I'm still as lame as ever! ;)

Well, I finally got my cabinet finished!
It only took me ALL summer long! LOL

Daddy P got this one & another small secretary for me at an auction last spring.  The secretary is right at home in my living room.  But this dark china cabinet just screamed at me..."PLEASE, brighten me up!!"...

it took a few days to prime this baby...I used Kilz, it got the job done! 

I had to put on THREE coats of primer out in my sweat box HOT garage & it was ready to paint!
I had some paint already, this fabulous blue shade from Benjamin Moore.  I had intended to paint my little half bath, but decided that I really wasn't ready to give up my green in there yet. 

Put a couple of coats of the blue on...LOVED how this looked!!

But, the brush strokes on the, not so much.  
I'm super OCD about this kind of thing, that's why I really prefer to spray goes on smooth & looks store bought.  Brush strokes scream out HOME PAINT JOB!

So, I had to put on a glaze.

I've seen this done over on the All Things Thrifty blog, check out their GLAZING Furniture 101 FULL tutorial here. Yeah, they know what's up! ;)

I used this brand (because it was cheaper than the Ralph Lauren).

I decided to use a WHITE glaze instead of the black that All Things Thrifty uses.  I really LOVE a white washed look on furniture (and ceilings, and walls too)...

When you glaze you will mix part paint & party glaze, so make sure you pick up an empty can.

I just started by painting it on, then went back & wiped it off.

Here's what it looks like when you start to wipe it down some...PERFECTLY Imperfect!

Of course, in order to survive in my house you have got to be TOUGH...
I decided to toughen this piece up by giving it a wee bit of distressing. (My kids will have nothing to do with you if you're imperfect, this is the PERFECT disguise for furniture at our house!!)

and I LOVE how the white digs in and makes the details of the cabinet stand out.

but then, it came time to move it into the house....

It wouldn't fit where I wanted to put it.


It didn't MATCH the other shades of blue in the foyer (my backup spot for it).


I was about to see if my mother would take it off my hands (never mind how I sat out in the garage for a good week sweating over this thing), when I realized that the blue cabinet MATCHED my blue flower rug in the family room PERFECTLY....AND we needed storage (and color...brown walls, brown couch, brown drapes...good gosh) in there!!

I'm really tickled with it! 
I decided to leave the glass out, it still looks great & no one is going to tear the door off when they can just reach in real quick & their their little movie out.  The bottom is great storage for all that junk that goes with the playstation, boy was I glad to see that stuff hide for a change!!

Daddy P has claimed that room as his own, but the pretty little blue cabinet sure does look right at home in there. :)

Well, my big boys just walked in from football practice.  Big O's middle school team has been practicing at night because of this horrible heat (index was 106 today at noon, ack!!).

I've got some sweet family things to to visit with my precious nephew, William last month...I know y'all want to see how much he's grown!

I'll leave y'all with this funny pic...getting ready to head to the gym this morning & walked through the living room to see Mr. Style Master (Sneaky E) all dressed & ready for the this kid!

Be back to share again soon.

Happy Tuesday! :)