The Routine...

I've got one leg out the game tonight.

Just wanted to pop in here to see if you had gotten into your back to school routine yet? ;)

Last week I was a flat out cleaning fool...did POWER CLEANING sessions every day that E was gone to cob webs, baseboards, mass neglect taken care of...gosh, it feels (& smells) SO good to have a clean(er) house!!

This week though, it's NONE of that...

I'm turning to "the notebook"...remember my obsession last year...yeah, the notebook is BACK! ;)

Every day there are a few assigned jobs listed...& at the end of the week, if I stick to my's all good...

and I totally LOVE that!
Ok, here we go...first game of the season, I KNOW (pray) this rain is going to MOVE on out by kickoff!
Happy Tuesday!