Summer's Over!

Well, looks like my vacation has come to an end!

The kids got up this morning bright & early to enjoy their traditional first day of school, chocolate chip pancake breakfast.  Then they headed off for their first day of an exciting new grade...Sneaky E - PreK 4, Miss O - 3rd grade & Big O - Big 7th grade!

I am so glad that I took time away from the computer last month to spend time with them, they are awesome kids!  I would love to spend time blogging about all the adventures we had, but head spins trying to pin it all down!

I can say that we did a lot of was freakin' awesome!! ;)
We hung out by our pool, met friends at the pool at our gym, lay on the couch EVERY afternoon to read or watch tv together...

it was bliss! :)

We also tried to beat the heat (and mercy is it EVER so hot here right now) & go to the movies...saw Despicable Me (hilarious), Beezus & Ramona (adorable), and of course Toy Story 3 (squalled my eyeballs out)...we also spent a day at the Frist Center in Nashville (the Couture exhibit was amazing)...and tried to get out & have lunch with Daddy P as often as we could, but really we didn't let all that busy stuff cut into our lazy time at home!

I'm glad to get some time here to get things accomplished around my house, but I sure am going to miss these stinkers!

I'm still on the fence about my camera know I love to sew & I absolutely ADORE fabulous fabrics...I'm not sure if I'm going to call it quits just yet or not.

Something else that I have been busy working on here at home is my new little business venture with Stella & Dot jewelry!!  Oh, heavens to Betsy!! How I absolutely ADORE this company! I had a SMASHING first month selling and earned a bonus of $500 in free jewelry for my sales...AND I signed TWO new recruits!  Yes, ma'am...busy times indeed! ;)

Now through August 31st, hostesses can earn an additional $50 in Free Jewelry...which means you could get $300 or more in FREE products just for putting out a few bottled waters & some chips & salsa! ;)

Also this month, there are TURQUOISE pieces on special!  

I'm booking for September & October now...if you're local & would like to have a trunk show at your home (Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Gallatin, Nashville, etc)...leave me a comment & I'll get in touch with you OR you can contact me via the Stella & Dot website by clicking HERE

Of course, you don't HAVE to have a trunk can shop your heart out online...RIGHT HERE!  Remember, to take advantage of the August specials you have to have a HOSTESS when you check out...please contact me & I will give you a name to use.

I believe I am going to jump up here & go have intimate time with my vacuum cleaner...the HEAT & DUST is getting to me...I've been a cleaning fool all day long!  Big O starts football practice IN FULL PADS tomorrow (it's 100 degrees nerves are shot to bits), Miss O started swim league yesterday & any second now I'm expecting a call from Sneaky E's soccer coach...

good golly, it's Crazytowne again!! ;)

Looking forward to visiting with my blogging pals, I sure have missed you guys!  Be back to tell you about my big BLUE china cabinet later.

Happy Wednesday!!