Cowboy Bedroom Updated

Sneaky E has always been my little cowboy...I LOVED his little nursery (and he did too), so when it was time to go big boy we decided to keep the theme & just move things around.

I found a great dresser on Craigslist to add & used an antique bed that was mine when I was a little girl.

Here's a tour of his room last summer.

I love the blue & denim & the red & the pinch of yellow...but there was just one tiny problem...

the little biscuit WOULD NOT sleep in that twin bed!  :(

(I mean, WOULD NOT!!)

I have a feather bed mattress that was on Big O's bed before he got a new mattress...

Sneaky E sleeps on this...


of either Miss O's room or Big O's room!

EVERY night since before Christmas.

Dragging that mattress & blankie up & down the hall night after night trying to find a room to crash in.

Needless to say, they are SICK of playing host & hostess to him.

Mama had to step in...

Daddy P was out of town for a few days & I went crazy cleaning & sorting & organizing...

we used to have this really nice guest bedroom...

queen bed with a glorious, comfy pillow top mattress...

now, Sneaky E has this "new" queen bed with a glorious, comfy pillow top mattress. ;)

He's still got that great cowboy thing going on in his room...

I love the blue & denim & the red & the pinch of yellow...

but I still have this one tiny problem...

the little biscuit WILL NOT sleep in this big bed EITHER!!


On the flip side, I have one bedroom at the top of the stairs which is ALWAYS clean & the bed is ALWAYS MADE...I guess I'll just be patient.  Like anything else with Sneaky E, it has to be HIS idea (kinda like how he finally decided to walk at 16 months)...he will sleep in there eventually (I hope).

In the mean time, I'm really pleased how I "accidentally" set myself up for easy decorating upstairs!  For years now, I've invested in key pieces & colors...keeping denim, navy & warm reds...lately adding a bit of black.  

I have moved & moved again the pieces from Big O's room:

and pulled from our playroom:

I can "redecorate" (like I did in E's room) & it doesn't cost me a penny!

Now...if only I could devise a plan for Miss O's room...I won't waste my energy going up to take a picture, it looks a lot like this:

It's on my list, but it involves PAINT & I swore on a stack of bibles that I would NEVER paint again.

I may be going against my word & doing it anyway. ;)

We're looking at THESE bedroom colors & I'm thinking of painting a nice light cream or tan over her pink walls...

she's all about PURPLE these days (gag)

We'll see. 


In the mean time, I've started dragging out my Halloween Decorations!!  I'm going to attempt to get that it all set out all that goodness TOMORROW while the peeps are all at school!

Here's a peek at some decorating from the about you guys?  Do you decorate it up for Halloween?

and speaking of Halloween...last year was SO FUN...I don't know what these three will think up to be, but I know they had better get on with it!

We still haven't done our hall's been so nice outside & the nasty weather is just around the corner...I think we're going to get it done next month (or the next, ha).  I'll share when we're finished with our new mud room.

I'm up & out the door...busy Sunday for us!

Hope everyone has a blessed, beautiful day! :)