True Entertainment...OLD Movies

I have been wanting to blog about this for awhile, but my brain & computer have just not been in the same place at the same time.

I am a HUGE fan of old movies!

I began watching them back when my granny was alive, she loved to watch movies & LOVED to discuss the "classics"...we would sit around & watch Turner Classic Movie channel all the time.  I LOVED finding a great old movie to watch on my own & then telling her about it...often, it was one she hadn't thought of in years & would tell me all about the first time she saw it & what life was like around that time period...

& I really miss those conversations. :(

However, my AUNT is also a big fan of old, these days I'm texting her with my latest find & she's recommending great flicks that she loves.

I thought I would share a few (narrowed WAY DOWN, I might add) of my ABSOLUTE favorite old movies with you guys...and MAYBE you'll share a few with me. ;)

First & always first... 

Gone With the Wind...I love the book more, but the movie is just excellent as well.  If you like historical fiction & stories about the old south, this movie is wonderful!

Jazebel, another old south movie...Betty Davis...she's awesome in this (she's awesome anyway).

The Heiress...Olivia De Havilland & Montgomery Clift...excellent!

Wuthering Heights...I've tried to read this book a million times, it's really hard to follow...the movie is wonderful & Laurence Olivier is BEAUTIFUL!

Imitation of Life...a very sad story, very good movie!

It Happened One Night...Clark Gable & Claudette of my favorites ever!

The Long, Long Trailer...Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz...You. Will. Laugh. (a lot)...LOVE this hilarious movie!

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane...Betty Davis & Joan Crawford...this dark movie is awesome, the tension & drama is REAL...these ladies HATED each other in real life!

Splendor in the Grass...Natalie Wood & Warren Beatty...Wow...that's all I'm going to say here...Wow!

A Place in the Sun...Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift...even YOUR MAN will enjoy this dark, romance movie...the costumes are fabulous...I will watch this movie ANY time I find it on tv & I patiently wait for the day it's available on BluRay!

Giant...Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean...VERY good, very, very good!

and finally...(but definitely NOT last on my list)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof...Paul Newman & Elizabeth Taylor (& yes, I love Liz).

If you had ever wondered WHAT THE FUSS was over Paul Newman...WATCH this movie & you will find out (he is smokin' hot, ha)! ;)

How about you guys?
Any favorites you want to share?
Leave me a comment, I need some new classics to add to my watch list for winter. ;)

Sneaky E & I are off to have lunch with Daddy P...

Hope y'all have a great Tuesday!