Florabella Collection

So, what have I been doing...besides being referee and slave to three children home for fall break...

I took pictures while we were at the beach...I'm SO out of practice, they're not that great (bah!!). :(

BUT...I've been able to EDIT them into a minor form of greatness (haha) with some of the actions I recently purchased from the Florbella Collection...

check out all their goodness!

Here's one I edited using her actions...

Before (straight out of camera):

& After:

Pretty cool, no?

Here's another...(should have just put the darn thing on AUTO, washed out...funky pictures)


& After:

and here's another (notice who is my only willing subject...the mamarazzi needs to re-train the other two)

Before (child is soft & slightly out of focus):

and After (not great, but better):

I could sit here all day playing with them!!
(but, clearly I could stand some field practice more...I think I may be going back to auto for awhile...have you every seen anyone with a Canon 50D shooting on auto, that's just shameful)

I'm getting my camera battery charged up...we are heading out to Oktoberfest today, then Big O is going to a costume party...haha, I cannot wait to get pictures of my little old lady! ;)

OH, & I have found myself with an EMPTY ROOM in our house (our old extra bedroom)...I don't want to let it turn into a junk room (& it's already HALF FULL of JUNK right now)...I'm thinking a study or a little library (gasp!! the one room in the house without a TV!?!!?)...

I am just itching to get a project done...(I am surrounded by unfinished projects)...I'll keep you posted on this one.

Happy Saturday!