Hello, Clean Girly Room!

Remember Soda Pop Pink & Jasper Blue?
It's all gone (and so is that big MESS)!

I am so tickled to be done with (part of) Miss O's room...painting & trim all finished up, room put back together, cleaned & spiffed up...I'm loving it! :)

We pulled out her old comforter set (which I will never, EVER part with...so sorry)...it looks so pretty with these creamy walls.

The glider...well, I am over this thing...but I can't get rid of it because it's been in all three nurseries...I've rocked all my babies in it.  It is serving as seating in Miss O's room until the Furlicious Beanbag comes down the chimney on Christmas morning. ;)

As for the peace quilt...


I'll keep you posted on that one. ;)

But for now, it's clean & pretty...simple goodness & mama is happy. 

(however, Miss O says these walls are TOO EMPTY...*Sigh*)

Speaking of Happy!
Sneaky Boy has a new love in his life...


At this very minute he is slaving away over a spiderman coloring book...I love this kid! ;)

We are off to run some errands & have lunch with dad...

Hope you have a great Tuesday!