Spooky Goodness!

I've been trying to get Halloween costumes wrangled here...last year was just too easy (& hilarious)...

this year however, not as easy (but not impossible)...I've had to break out a can of creative!

Miss O decided that she wants to be a Wacky Witch.
This is all good...she was a WW in kindergarten, but she had a fever & ended up not even getting to trick or treat (or enjoy her fun costume)...I found this AWESOME witch stuff in the gift shop at Cracker Barrel...& yep, the black & orange pettiskirt is going to ride again!

Sneaky E says "I be Spiderman for Ha'ween"...

 Unfortunately, I cannot find the Spiderman costume that has a 1/2 mask to fit him (like this one)...

I don't like costumes that cover the entire face...they freak me out...I don't know why...but that's just how I roll.

Anyway, he's already over it & has decided to wear Big O's old Cowboy costume...(that I cannot find a picture of on my computer)

problem solved (cheaply).

and then there's Big O himself...

I tread lightly...
I just KNEW this would be the year.
Last year, I had to beg & plead to get him to dress up!

But thankfully, we came up with a HILARIOUS costume idea & he's agreed to dress up again.

He's going to a costume party Saturday night & I'm scrambling to get my hands on one of these before then...

it's going to be funny, I can't wait! ;)

I also found some awesome Spooky Goodness online...

my fave shop, Olive & Ollie has a few pumpkin tees on sale...$15, ready to ship:

Aren't they adorable!?!

 & then there's the Halloween Rocks Tee at the Paper Lili site...

SO cute!

Having a Spooky Party?
How about these cuties by Inkspot Workshop...

I love these bag tags by Elvie Studio!

(of course...I just love Candy Corn...period!)

& how cute is THIS!

Paint bucket treat holder by Monogram Marketplace...I LOVE this!

However...I'm excited about Fall & Halloween...but I admit that I'm already thinking in this mode...

(might as well, it's coming fast).

When do you start decorating for the holidays?

I admit...I start November 1st (taking down Halloween & plotting my decorating strategies) & we finish off Thanksgiving weekend by decorating the tree.

Am I the only crazy one out there?

(Ha, I bet I'm not!)

Well, I'm hopping up to clean...fall break is almost over & today we're hitting the upstairs with trash bags...GOODWILL here we come!!

Hope you have a not so Wacky Wednesday! ;)