Camera Strap Cover Tutorial

I still have my Etsy shop for my crafty goodness, but I just don't have the time to sew like I used to anymore.  This is mainly because when I sew, I make a holy mess...

Recently, we took the guest bed out of our extra bedroom & put it in Sneaky E's room (& the Biscuit STILL WILL NOT SLEEP IN THERE) & after much debate, I've decided to turn our extra bedroom into my SEWING STUDIO!

I'm in no rush, my goal is to get it set up over Christmas vacation...
it will be an ordeal, I have a TON of sewing stuff down here (stashed all over the place).

Anyway, I still get lots of requests for my camera strap covers...

because, well...they're awesome quality camera strap covers! ;)

With the holidays coming up, I thought you might want to make some for your family & friends as gifts (because if you're like me, you're the queen of "I could make that" when shopping, LOL).

So, here you go...let's make a strap!

This is what my camera strap pattern looks like (fancy, eh?):

and this is the fusible fleece I use 
(I buy it by the bolt & can sell you some if you need):

The first thing you will need to do is cut your FABRIC and your FUSIBLE FLEECE.  Turn on your iron (the iron is my BFF when I sew).  Iron the BACK of the fabric to the fusible side of the fusible fleece (it will be the side that feels bumpy or textured).

It should look like this:

Next, go back to your iron.  
On one end iron down the corners about an inch long.

then, fold the end down HALF way like this & iron flat:

next, fold it down again and iron flat:

Then, repeat these steps on the opposite end.

Now you're ready to sew!
Place the strap in the machine facing fabric right side up and stitch across the folds you just made.  Be sure reverse the stitch on the ends to secure them.

Easy so far, right? ;)

Yeah, you can do this! 

Next you're going to fold longways with the fusible fleece side OUT.

I start by matching up my corners on each end and working my way across.

DO NOT try to iron this side, it will mess your iron up (trust me). ;)

I can get by with 4-5 pins, use more if you need to.

  Now, place one end in the machine and sew a nice straight line all the way down (approx. 1/2" from the edge).  Don't forget to stitch backwards to reinforce the stitches.

Next, remove the pins and turn the strap right side out.

This step takes a minute or two.
When it's right side out, it will look like this:

Go back to your iron and iron it down nice & neat.


Now, you're ready to do the top-stitching.
This step is NOT required, you could get by just fine without it...but I LOVE the way it makes the finished product look (and it's not hard).

Start on one end, reinforce the stitch, go all the way across, reinforce again at the end.

repeat on the other side...

You're done!


See, I told you it was super easy!!

Now, to thread it through your strap simply add a safety pin to the end of your black camera strap & thread it through.

You're ready to go!

Happy Crafting!!