Dear Santa,

I can honestly say, I've been good this year.

I have really tried hard...I have...

I must be a grown up now, because there have been times this very year that I'm pretty sure a younger version of me would have been not so sweet (& some folks sure got lucky there)...

I've worked so hard to take "the high road" & get out there & try to BE the wonderful stuff I would love to see around me....treat people with kindness, love on friends old & new,'s been a new thing for me, but I try hard to pray for people who love conflict instead of letting them suck me into their drama.

I can honestly say that this year, I DESERVE something good! ;)

However, I have to also say that...

I've already got something good! :)

I'm so blessed...good health, beautiful family, loving fur children, AMAZING friends, food in my belly, a warm bed to sleep in at night...I am one lucky girl!!

I wish that Christmas was more like Thanksgiving...we just get together & eat & visit & have fun.

But, it's not & I always put my Christmas list on my blog to help my family (because they swear that I am their number one most difficult person to buy for...can you believe that!??!)...

I went back to look at last year's list & my, oh my...I think we're going to see some repeats! ;)

I would LOVE to have:

Smells...I adore Juicy Couture's my most fave!

I'm completely out of my favorite Arbonne Ginger Citrus Sugar Scrub & Body Balm...heaven in a tub!!

I could really use a hat, scarf & some mittens...

and I REALLY, REALLY would like some sassy jammies (medium) 
and some SLIPPER BOOTS (sz 8)...the hardwood is freezing!!

I need new sunglasses in a bad way!! ;)

and I would also like to put in a request for one of these...

hey, a girl can dream (and I HAVE been good, ha)!

But really & truly, I could get by just fine with a gift card to my favorite store:

Yeah!! :)

I really wish my sweet blogging pal, Paige was having her hubby, Ryan home for the holidays. (and try not to hate her over that hutch makeover, ok). ;)

and I also wish that my entire family could get together for Christmas (just to eat, no gifts)...but, it's just so hard to make it happen when we all live so far away.

How about you guys?
Any special wishes this year?

I'm decorating this weekend...
be back soon to share Christmas 2010 with the P's!