Festive Fruit Ornaments

I'm in the process of organizing decorations for a charity event that I'm helping with this month...it's a themed Christmas TREE auction & ALL the fabulously (famously) talented decorating folks in town are doing a tree....and, ahem...I'm doing a tree also.

I have pretty much put it out of my mind...not going to stress...I'll just go do my best & then hide out somewhere. ha 

I'm not a fancy tree decorator, I am more of a "homey" tree decorator...every ornament on my tree has a story & nothing matches...

They're expecting trees like this:

& mine ususally turn out something like this: (LOL)

clearly, I'm WAY out of my comfort zone here...but, I'm determined to see it through.


Since it's themed trees & Daddy P's office is sponsoring the tree (and Daddy P is a big University of TN Big Orange fan), I'm doing The Big Orange Tree!

The other day I stopped by my sweet friend, Scott's flower shop (yes, he's one of the "famously talented decorating folks"...as a matter a fact, he's #1 on that list)...he sensed my stressing & coached me on basic FANCY Tree Decorating 101...LOL...I love him, he's precious!

With some direction, off I went looking for FAKE FRUIT (because, after all...the Big Orange tree should have ORANGES on it...right?).

So, here I go...turning ordinary fake fruit into delicate, crystallized holiday elegance...

first you need to gather your crafting materials:

Spray Glue
FRUIT (or whatever you're wanting to spiff up, I'm doing mini packages next)
& light crystal glitter

Easy stuff so far, no?
If you have rubber gloves, you might want to put one on...unless you dont' mind your hand looking like this when you're done:

All you do is attach the hook, 
spray the fruit with the glue, 
sprinkle on the glitter....
then, lay on wax paper to dry.

They instantly go from this:

to this:

Pretty, no?
Easy, yes! ;)

I'm heading out today to find the perfect organza ribbon to hang these with. 

I'll be back to share more on this later...I'm anxious to see how these mini gifts turn out after they're bathed in crystals.

Happy (not so wordless) Wednesday!