Festive Thanksgiving Banner

Well, I am happy to report...I survived this wild week! ;)

I had FOUR Stella & Dot shows this week and an assortment of other tail chasing adventures going on (in addition to kids, dogs, cat, sports, taxi service, etc)...whew!

I went down & decorated the TREE that I was telling you about..."The Big Orange".  Here's a picture from my phone..not a great pic, maybe I'll remember to take my camera when I go back up there for the auction.

Not bad, eh?
It ought to look pretty fab, I had a LOT of awesome helpers!! ;)

I recently had a sweet reader email me pictures of a banner that they made for Thanksgiving using my No Sew Baby Banner Tutorial.  Ester, you did a GREAT JOB...WOOOT!!! 

This past week we have also been wrapping up Miss O's "Flat Stanley" project...I'll be back to share some of her adventures.  

We have the SWEETEST friends! 
Thank you to Myrinda, Lisa & Eileen for playing hostess to our flat little lady! ;)

We didn't do this project when Big O was in 3rd grade (not surprised considering that one grade teacher was the most disappointing of ALL the teachers that ALL three of my children have ever had combined...but that's not a nice story so, moving on)...

I'll be ready when Sneaky E gets his...
we'll have a whole BLOG set up just for him! ;)

Anyway, it turned out really cute...I'll be back to share those pics tomorrow.


I bet you are just as busy as I am...shopping, decorating, getting ready for family this weekend. I am so thankful to be healthy & to be able to be so busy and to have such excitement in my life (all the time, eh)!  I can't wait to see our family & the new babies & draw names & plot my gift strategies!!

Yes, I LOVE Thanksgiving weekend!

I'm hunting on my computer...I took pictures of my house last year so that I could remember where I put all my decorations!  Last year, when I pulled it all out I felt like I had never seen some of that stuff before...let alone remember where I had it!

(but, like I said...I'm still looking for them...)

I'll be back to share when (if) they turn up...

It's Holiday Decorating Weekend here! 

Guess what Daddy P's job is today...(ha)

I get EVERYTHING out before Thanksgiving except decorating the big tree & we do that as a family before the weekend is over to start the holiday off. 

Some people despise this idea saying it interferes with the feeling of Thanksgiving...whatever, that's you're beef...this is mine...I have a great imagination, I can pretend it's still fallish (ha).

I like to have it up long enough to get sick of it, otherwise it's not worth the time & stress it takes to drag it all out for just a measly 3 weeks (& if I hadn't been so busy this past week, it'd all be out by now)!

This year our "Elf" (aka, "Ricky Bobby"....and again, NO...my children have NOT seen that movie) is giving my kids an early holiday gift to help them remember to be good...the soft, plush version of the Elf that they can sleep with (since the official "Elf" is NOT to be touched per Santa's rules)...

I can't wait to see their faces, they love, LOVE The Elf!!

Well, I'm just rambling on here...got to get busy!
Thanks again to Ester for sharing her banner with me!
If you have something you've made & would like to share, I would be tickled to hear about it.  Email me if you do.

Hope y'all have a the most beautiful (calm before the storm) pre-Thanksgiving weekend! ;)