Happy (Ahem) Halloween!

Yeah, I know...I'm so lame! ;)

It just occurred to me that I forgot to share Halloween pictures on my blog!
Normally, I would just move on...but these are pretty funny, so I wanted to share them with you guys. 

Halloween week was pretty wild...

We partied & partied & partied!

So much partying that mama didn't even GO OUT on Halloween night (too pooped, whew!)

Here's a little sampling:

Thursday night...Halloween party at our gym...gosh, I LOVE our gym friends...they really know how to throw a fun little kid party!

(stopping by dad's office for fangs out of his treat box)
(Big O playing basketball with Mom's "Coach", Will)

(Sneaky Cowboy on the "Cakewalk")

(Marvelous Mal/Alice wrapping E in the mummy game)

Friday night...Halloween party at our sweet friend, Jenni's house...this was a COSTUME party (as in EVERYONE wear a costume or stay home)


(Yes, that's me...go ahead & laugh...it was funny) ;)

Big O as the Gun Toting Granny (Middle school, don't ask)
Daddy P as Mr. Incredible & Big O as the little old lady (where's your cat, Big O?)

My sweet pal, Jen as Queen of Hearts & Terrific T as a Lady Like Mad Hatter :)

Jen & Charley as the Queen & White Rabbit...aren't they AWESOME!!

I'm sure everyone at the party felt safer with Mr & Mrs Incredible there...bahaha!

SATURDAY night...our neighborhood Trick or Treat Hayride party...this one is hard to beat...great friends, great food, AWESOME trick or treating!

You tired yet?

and by Sunday night...folks, let's face it...it was over...LOL
My poor kids were WORN flat out, but dear ole dad couldn't stand the thought of not going out on the actual date of OCTOBER 31. Which why I have pictures that look like THIS...

instead of this:

But, at least I did get a couple of these:

Mama stood firm & stayed home...needed to REST...flannel jammies, snuggling weiner dogs, popcorn, Rocky Horror marathon...it was an AWESOME night! ;)

Now, I think I'm caught up...so let's move on to this month's insanity...HOLIDAY DECORATING!
Have you started?
Or, does your yard & house look like mine still...ORANGE??

I'm trying to recover from this funky bug...aches, funky tummy, exhausted...woof!  I started making some decorations, since that could be done sitting & was low key...I'll be back to show you how to make some FESTIVE fruit tomorrow. :)

Happy Tuesday!!