Countdown to Christmas...

has begun!

House decorated, gifts bought, kids out of school....

Christmas is coming, full speed ahead!

Last week was a fun week of parties & field trips (and snow days...oh, my)!

Miss O's class went on a gift wrapping field trip to a local bank.  They spent the morning wrapping gifts that would later be delivered to local senior citizens. I was actually pretty impressed by her skills, next year I'll have to put her to work wrapping our gifts!

Big O had exams this week for the first time ever...I have no pictures of him at all...he was on a frazzle all week so I left him very well alone.  I'm sure he did great on his tests, he really studied hard!

Sneaky E's class has had a ball this month...I'm running out of room for all the pretty crafts he has brought home!

Their little Christmas party started off with a visit from the big man in red!

I loved seeing their little faces when they walked in the door!

Each child took a turn climbing into Santa's lap & talking to was the most precious thing hearing those sweet little voices.  Sneaky E took his time & told Santa everything that he, lego, lego... :)

& I have been cleaning out the extra bedroom to get it turned into my new sewing studio...I cannot believe the things I have run up on in was full of stuff!!!

Miss O has had these pettiskirts for a few years now...we had SEVERAL, now we're down to two or three.  Sneaky E took the red one for a ride (wearing the Little Maven tee that he CUT UP at school, stinker).

He makes me laugh (even with the fixed cheese grin that he can't seem to shake off)!

Looks like I had better go fix breakfast before these hungry children tear it apart again!  

Today we're crafting & tonight we're going to see CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!
Love me some Christmas Vacation!!

I'll be back to share my latest furniture's my latest Craigslist find (for my new sewing studio)...((please don't hate me))...;)

Hope you have a blessed Sunday!