An Evening with Mr. Brooks

Mr. Garth Brooks, that is...

I'm still speechless...WHAT a show we saw last night!

Mr. Garth Brooks (and his wife, Tricia Yearwood) are donating their TIME to help Nashville & middle TN...

NINE SOLD OUT concerts in December, all proceeds to to flood have been impossible to get, don't even ask how we got tickets...I still think we dreamed it!


I was always a bit of a fan, UNTIL I MET Mr. Garth Brooks in person...

& I have been DYING to see him in concert EVER since!

And the man did NOT disappoint!

Our awesome neighbors, Carrie & Eddie...doesn't matter if we're out on the boat, out at "the club", out at the dirt bike races, out on K9 & horsie rescue missions or out on the town & at concerts...they are always a can of fun to be around! Love you guys!

See that hand he's shaking...look below to see what happened to those guys a little bit later!

Playing some MEAN fiddle...awesome!!

The heroes getting some love from Tricia!

I was so tickled to finally get to see Mike Palmer play the drums in person...he is the sweetest person & I love his family to pieces!
Wonderful man, wonderful of the BEST concerts I've ever been to!


Well, I'm heading up to wrap some gifts...

last week I went to Lowe's & bought a knob for my extra bedroom that requires a KEY lock. Yeah. I'd had it UP TO HERE with the present hunting that I was noticing the kids doing (can you say "switches in your stocking"

Daddy P was so proud that I installed it all by myself didn't tell him it took me 30 minutes & a hammer to make it happen...I was proud of me too! ;)

So, anyway...I'm going up there to wrap.

How about you? 
Done with shopping? 
Got it all ready to go?

I am making a list of Christmas crafts to do with my kids next week...let's see if I'm brave (or stupid) enough to get out to the store this weekend & gather my materials for them.

Be back with messy crafts to share.

Happy Weekend!