Holiday Open House

One of my favorite things to do is to see how other people decorate their homes for the holidays!

I LOVE Holiday Open House many beautiful pictures & great decorating ideas (& never have to get out of your jammies)!

The Nester is having her Holiday Tour of Homes this week...I want to move in with the Nester, how about you? ;)

AND my beautiful blogging friend, Kelly is also hosting Holiday Home tours this week as well...I LOVE her decorating style, festive & very southern. :)

I never did find my pictures from last Christmas (maybe I dreamed it), so I took some new ones to share.

Here's my Holiday Open House 2010...come on in!

Coming in the side door (everyone knows we're side door folks). The hall tree greens (cropped out the swarm of coats)...& painting (by me)...

My FAVORITE tree...made from my children's hands last year.

"The Beast" decked out in Santa ceramics that my granny painted & pictures pictures of my children from past Christmases.

The fireplace gets too hot, so I hang our stockings from the little banister in foyer instead.

Wondering what my house SMELLS like right now? Trapp #39, Sexy Cinnamon...LOVE it!!

Sneaky E's favorite spot...The Christmas Story table.

The "BD" ("Big Daddy") tree in our family room, this year done with these fabulous Mercury Glass ornaments that I scored at our local Hobby Lobby...I'm LOVING Mercury Glass right now!

One of my FAVORITE holiday pieces, painted by my sweet friend Scott of The Art Mill.

Another painting by Scott that we bought at a local fundraiser this year, I LOVE this tree in my kitchen!!

(Dark) View of my eating area in the kitchen (perhaps I could add just a bit more stuff over there, eh?)...

China Cabinet in the dining room decked out in the treasured Santa decal plates that my granny made for me the Christmas before she got sick.

My favorite tree is the one in our foyer (formerly the decorations for "BD")...this one is decorated in awesome Christmas reds & greens...with little pictures & the ornaments that we collect from our vacations...the Big Santa ornaments came from my granny's tree...she made one for everyone in the family, putting names on each one & decorated her main tree with them, that was her theme...these are some of my most treasured Christmas decorations.

Another quick shot of the tree in the family room.

My mantle decorated with greenery, burlap, mercury glass candle holders & a photo of my granny the last Christmas she was alive. I miss her terribly this time of year, it was her favorite holiday & she ALWAYS went ALL OUT with her wild decorations!

Another shot of the eating area.

and another festive painting (by me, at The Art Mill) in the kitchen.
I have two more trees upstairs, but they're nothing fancy to see...maybe I'll get pictures of those later.

Thanks for, go visit some of these other beautiful homes on The Nester's Blog & Kelly's Korner.

I'm waiting to hear if we will be out of school for snow again tomorrow...I love snow days, but I sure hate that the kids are missing out on FUN Holiday plans & field trips this week in their classroom being out the week before Christmas.

Hope it's warm & sunny where you's FREEZING here!!

Happy Monday, Brrrrr!!