Ode to The Rule

I have had this blog entry on my mind for some time now...(warning, rambling tirade ahead)

The Golden Rule.

When I was a little girl I heard this rule from my mama & daddy almost daily...TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED...

(I probably heard it daily because I was sometimes ok, quite often not so nice to my little sister...& I promise I'm getting my payback with my own three kids now...)

now a days I am finding myself repeating it almost DAILY to three little people here at my own house...TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED!

& Lately, I'm finding myself wanting to repeat it to some ADULTS that I know.

My daddy always told me that if I treated people with kindness and love, that I would be treated that way in return.  For the most part, he was right.  I have always tried very hard to do right by people, honor my promises, done my best...this includes manners...I will please, thank you & apologize you to death...that's just how I'm wired.

I have worked hard, been honest, loved with my whole heart...and I consider myself to be an incredibly lucky girl.  I have friends that I adore, I love them, their husbands, their children (& even their animals)...I would do anything for them, any time of the day or night...that might be above & beyond the Golden Rule, but that's just what kind of friend that I want to be. 

I like that saying "friends are the family we get to choose".

I love my sweet friends like family, that's for sure!

Now here's something that might sound way out there for some people, but I'm going to put it out here anyway.

Life is short...

It is, people.

Every day I am closer to the end & in my (approaching middle) age I am shifting my focus toward what is going to happen to me when it gets here & how I can make sure I get where I want to go when it's time.

(except for the profanity, this sums it up perfectly)

I've been changing things in my life, taking better care of my body, letting go of stress, forgiving more easily, loving people entirely, ignoring gossip, removing myself from catty & malicious people, minding my own business & just taking care of business in general...

You might even say that lately I've been "cleaning out my friend list"...literally.

I don't have time for people who just CANNOT treat other people with respect.

I flat out REFUSE to even be around people who cannot treat others with respect.  I'm a busy girl & I am picky about who I spend my free time with...no apologies here, sorry.

I know that not everyone is going to agree.  There are going to be dozens of things that I do that you think are just plain idiotic...that's human nature.  I can name a dozen things right now that Daddy P does (I'm looking at him out in the yard doing one of them at this very minute) that I personally think are idiotic...but, let's just face the facts:


Out of just true respect for him & good manners...I keep my opinions to myself.  This is true for him & just ANYONE...the Golden Rule at its finest!

So, there it is...

I said my piece...
& of course, it's in my nature to apologize at this point for my tirade & rambling.  Thanks for "listening" all the way down here.

Please remember the Golden Rule, friends...

I am happy in my heart because I got out today & treated people with love & respect.  Can you say the same about your day?  I bet you can, that's why I love you guys!

Wishing you the happiest weekend!