Saying Goodbye to 2010

Time just keeps blinking by!
What a wonderful year it was...we have been blessed with good health, loving family & great friends!
We had so many wonderful things happen to our family in 2010, I thought it would be fun to do a little year in review post.

January 2010:

Started the New Year off with a craft & some rambling! ;)

We saw a LOT of THIS & THIS....Brrrrrr!!

February was not a bit warmer!
But I spent my time getting ready for spring (& a baby shower) anyway!

and my living room shelving got somewhat of a make-over too...AND some 

Miss O & Daddy P went to the Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance again (love it when they go on their date like that). :)

and I had my own reality show for about five minutes. ;)
(& I never did get that messed up craft

moving on...I had (probably too much) fun getting ready for my sister's baby shower...

and our crazy, dirt bike loving family traveled to Atlanta for our first SUPERCROSS!! (Crazy stuff, I'll tell you that!!)

We got to spend some time with our East TN family at the Zoo in early March...

and then jumped on a plane to spend Spring Break out in California at the Disneyland Resort!

we had a beautiful baby shower for Kim & Baby Love...

then...before I could stop little baby turned FOUR!!!

& had his little birthday egg hunt party...

Suddenly, it's spring & we're busier than ever!

Baseball, softball, swim league & SOCCER!!! 


Things started to warm up & turn GREEN again...YEAH!

AND middle Tennessee had a horrible weekend of storms & flooding! :(

then (finally) on wee Mother's Day morning...our precious William Christopher came into the world...

Summer showed up & with it came lots of family fun!
Dad in the Dunking Booth...
Mom & Dad got out & had a ball! ;)

Miss O celebrated her 8th birthday! :)

Big O headed off to CAMP!!

and we stayed pretty busy all summer, in addition to becoming the crazy CANOE family! ;)

Mama & Daddy P celebrated 14 years of bliss...

Our entire family participated in Sherry's Run!!  Big O & I ran, while Daddy P walked the 5k with Miss O & Sneaky E!

I was SO proud of our "team"!

The kids got back to school & Homecoming week was SO much fun!!

Fall Break found us back on the beach!!

and suddenly, it was Halloween!!


We managed to get to Knoxville again to watch a ballgame...(& even if it wasn't the best game, we still had a great time)

and even though I didn't get to blog about everything like I usually do (blame my new obsession called "going to the GYM")... we had a pretty fabulous (but, busy) year!  I'm already looking forward to new adventures & lots more crafting fun!!

Daddy P has already got us started off right...the Beadboard/Mud Room Project 2011! Ha, I love it!!

My cup of blessings has runneth over...

I am so, so thankful for this beautiful, healthy family...
my amazing husband & our wonderful life!

Wishing you good health & happiness in 2011!

Happy New Year!