I'm a little bit sad this morning.

My sweet, sweet pal, Amy is closing her online shop after SEVEN years!
I cannot believe it's been that long...time really does blink by when you're having a big time (which is the only way Amy does it, love her!!)...
Me, Amy, Myrinda & Jessica on our Disneyland 2008 trip (ahem, notice MY special M tee).  ;)

We used to collaborate sets back in the eBay days...she would offer the tee & I made the matching twirl skirts.  Yeah, good times for sure!

When Miss Abby & Miss O got off to school, we started using Sneaky E in our crafting adventures...

Ah, Memories that I absolutely wouldn't trade for anything! :)

Of course, this is not the end of her crafting adventures...she's moving over to an Etsy shop & offering lots of fun, crafty goodness still (& promises an occasional initial tee). ;)

You can use the code FAREWELL & get 50% off your Tote & Tee order...offer ends tomorrow night at midnight!

Thank you, has been such an honor being your friend these past seven years...I look forward to many, many more!  Love you, pal!

Happy Thursday!