Family Rules Art

Last year (about this time) I ran up on this fabulous craft

on (my favorite site)

Handmade Family Rules Art

Oh, I just fell in love!
Jen shard two or three different versions...

all of them divine!

I could think of nothing else,
but having one of these wonderful canvas pieces in my life...

made by me (of course), 
making it extra special for our family

I got busy & set out to make one for our family...
I wanted it to be pretty & different &...

things didn't work out.

So, I put the idea on the shelf.

But since then, 
I've seen others pop up in blogland.

Awesome & inspiring!

Here's another version from The Pleated Poppy.

and yet another by Perfectly Imperfect 

(New Favorite Blog Alert, love her!!)

((See this...& this...OH my!!))

Since we were home yesterday for snow 
& I didn't feel so good, 
I decided to just keep things mellow with
a some simple crating & snuggling on the couch.

Here's what Miss O & I came up with for our new Mud Room/Hall area...

Our (small version) of Family Rules 

I printed these off on my computer,
using my Creative Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer program.

I used some textured oatmeal paper, 
hoping that you won't notice the break in the middle of the picture
(note, simple...lazy...ahem)

Textured with pulp & speckles...
Yummy paper! :)

It turned out pretty good.
I'm happy with it.
I've decided to do another one for upstairs in my hall...
something more about SIBLINGS

I'm thinking word play like this little one, but have it printed up on a POSTER...then breaking out the mod podge & canvas action
like this fab blogger. ;) 

Yeah, I know three little folks 
who might need those sibling rules. ;)


Anyway, I'm stuck...
bench full of pictures...
waiting to be hung.

No spark.
No inspiration.
I'm walking away.

Maybe I'll go to Target. ;)

But, I'll be back.

Y'all have a great Thursday!