Flashback Friday (& ramblings)

One year ago this week....
the first big snow of the season!

Ironic, since we also got snow last night & 
the kids are out of school again.
(only it's not the first one of the season for us this time)

They sure have grown up (a lot) in a year!

A whole lot! 


Today's Challenge #18 is to 

You have NO IDEA how badly I need to do this...
(wait, you've seen the inside of my closets & drawers...
you probably do know...LOL)
I need to pour another cup of coffee & chew on that one for a bit.
I think I need to obtain the STORAGE before I tear into it, otherwise I'm just moving piles around & not accomplishing anything....
& end up with a room that looks like this

I DO need to rewind & finish up on 
Challenge (eh...whatever it was)

(double woof)


I've spent a good bit of time up in the craft room...
I actually even ran the vacuum up there last night, 
so that out to tell you how things are coming along.

I have been hunting for a light fixture for EVER...
but, y'all know I'm cheap. ;)

My good friend, Sharae just got back into blogging action & 
shared HER new craft room light fixture...
(this room is FAB, I can't wait to see the big reveal)

she got it from Home Depot...
I hope she doesn't mind that I'm just a big stinky 
copycat & bought one for MY craft room too! ;)

(thank you for sharing, Sharae)

& speaking of happiness in the craftroom...
check out this pretty sewing closet at Yellow Songbird

Now, that is what I call finding a happy place!
 I love that! :)

& I'm totally getting in the mood to CRAFT 
now that my room is starting to shape up 
(& I put the leaf in my craft table...oh, it's a MONSTER now)

I can't wait to get it all finished & share it with you! 


Have you done any Valentine crafts yet??
It's sneaking up!

How about this tutorial from Megan at Brassy Apple...
I LOVE this!

Easy to do & I am so loving that black paper!!

or this Cross Your Heart Pillow at The Polka Dot Chair
(she has an entire blog entry devoted to past Heart Day crafts!!)

If you're looking for a fun craft to do, 
Valentine's or ANYtime... 

Oh, the goodness over there is plentiful!!
(& her room inspiration is WONDERFUL too!)


Well, speaking of inspired...

I'm inspired now to get up & 
clean up the holy mess in my kitchen leftover from my 
latest Pioneer Woman Cooking Session....

I was a mess

my kitchen was a mess...

I went upstairs & hid in my craft room afterward 
(hoping the cleaning fairy would make a surprise visit while I was up there...)


She didn't.

But, it was VERY good...
Daddy P proposed to me five times afterward, just like Ree promised! ;)

AND I made another batch of the buttermilk biscuits,
went for thickness this time...
they were PERFECTION!
(even though one of my children claimed they tasted "funny")
(hush, child...I shall wean you from canned biscuits eventually)


Let's see...
is there anything else I can ramble about during this post?!!

Y'all have a fantastic Friday....
I'm going to enjoy this snow day with my babies!

Stay Warm!