Hello, Clean Pantry!

We are "snowed in" here...

four inches & counting.

This is the kind of snow folks up north wouldn't bat an eye over, but folks down in the south are not programed to drive in the snow. Sprinkle some white stuff on the roads & people are filling up the ditches!

Daddy P had to get out yesterday & see how bad the roads were...HOURS later he came back & had to shovel snow to get his truck back up the driveway.
I've been instructed to stay home.
I bet he even hid my keys.

Not to worry, I'm busy here at the house.
I just finished up with Challenge #7 last night & oh, my pantry looks SO much better! I had TWO full bags of trash & one box for Goodwill when I was done...I totally didn't realize it was that bad in there!

Here's my pantry before...holy messes!

I admit, I love my pantry...especially when it looks like this:


So, I got busy & tore it all out...
two hours later, it looked like this:

(yes, I'm aware we have 13 boxes of cereal...we got through four gallons of milk a week at this house too)

MUCH, much better...no? ;)

I got a break with Challenge #8 (& I love that blog entry, just when I was thinking Toni might be too perfect for me...she reveals the skeletons in her closet, haha!).  We have a coat closet, but it is home base for this ridiculous media tower that controls our ridiculous television/sound system. Why can't we just have a regular tv like everyone else??

So, can I take your coat & put it on my bed?

I'm tickled about today's Challenge #9....(insert evil, maniacal laughter here) it's the perfect day for it! We're trapped at home & the peeps tore that playroom up over the weekend with their little friends...

it SO does not look like this pretty picture anymore!! 

Operation De-Clutter the Playroom kicks off in two hours here, folks!
Come on out & join me! :)

I'm waiting for my snow day sleepers to wake up...
keeping my fingers crossed that Sneaky E is back to normal this morning.

Poor Baby Bird (he hates it when I call him that, which is several times a day) somehow got his little foot hurt while my fool family was outside tubing at dark last night (while I was slaving over my pantry...I'll take productive over freezing any day of the week). It's apparently a little sprain, he never cried...just limpy all over the place (wait, he was squalling but that was because made him come inside & take his frozen clothes off). 

Hopefully, that's all it is.

And, thank you for your prayers for sweet baby Eli, his surgery to repair his kidney was a success and he is home recovering...


He kills me with cuteness!

I'm hopping up here, lots of stuff to do today...
my kids were up WAY too late last night (eh, so was their mama)...
I'm penciling in a NAPPY this afternoon after we get the playroom wrangled!

Oh & I decided to add a Crafty Southern Mama page on Facebook...sometimes communication can get lost in the comment section on a blog, this way we can communicate better.  I love to have the opportunity to get to know my blogging friends better.  You can "like" Crafty Southern Mama on facebook by clicking here.

Wishing y'all a Terrific Tuesday!