I'm still off-line...ish...thankful for my iPad friend here.

After 45 minutes on the phone with "someone in Asia" last night, Daddy P tells me that our modem is fried & they are sending us a new one, and some techie guy would come & install it & it would be several days...

& all this confuses me because his techie guys from his office are always the ones who come & play doctor on our big computer...

So, I ask him why they were not going to be the ones fixing the problem on the computer & he proceeds to go into this long techie speech about AT&T & modems & this & that & suddenly it registers with me...

The problem is NOT the computer at all...

It's the little black box with the green lights that makes our internet work!

(the look on his face...priceless).


So, I'll be out for a few days more but will have a couple of fun crafts to share.

In the meantime, GO visit Houzz.com!

Oh, my goodness!
If you have iPad or iPhone, the app is free (& I think the app is better than the website).

I'm heading upstairs to disinfect Big O's room!

Happy Monday

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