QUITE a Spicy Day!

doing Challenge #12...

Today was another busy organizing day!
 I'm LOVING Toni's Challenge Days!

Toni, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you helping me blaze an orderly path here at my (very disorderly) house!  I will love you forever! :)

There are things about my house that have gone neglected since I started these challenges, but when Toni is done with me I know a good week using my daily notebook will help me get back on track!
So many good things have already come from this organizing frenzy...

  1. I found my favorite fleece jacket.
  2. I found out there is a LIGHT in my linen closet (ha).
  3. I found my WAFFLE MAKER!!
  4. I have helped my community by donating unused home goods & clothing to our local Community Help Center.
  5. I found a lot of food that had expired in my pantry!
  6. I found that I apparently have a problem with hoarding cute plates & napkins...oh, & cupcake liners too.
  7. So far, I've found a grand total of $14 in CHANGE!!
  8. and I am realizing that my life was VERY chaotic when it didn't have to be...(it's crazy enough with these kids, why make it worse?!)  ;)
(yes, that's a cat scarf...and no, the beadboard hall is still not done...we're getting there though)
So, here we go...
Challenge #12...

I will start by saying...
I'm a terrible cook.
I am a terrible and UNORGANIZED cook!
I aspire...but, alas...

I opened these cabinets, got up on my stool & thought to myself...
WTH is all of this stuff!?!!? 
(I know, potty mouth...hand me a bar of dove)

I tore it all out... 


One thing I noticed immediately 
was that my shelves were ENTIRELY too high!
No wonder I don't utilize all my space, I CAN'T REACH it!

I adjusted my shelves first thing, then worked on organizing my bins.

While I was cleaning out, I found this picture (that I have always kept in my kitchen cabinets) of Big O when he was a wee baker in our first kitchen. 

 I love this picture!
I makes me smile every time I look in there. :)
I found these FABULOUS plastic bins at Walmart this week, they have a great little pull out handle on them...PERFECT for this cabinet situation!!

I also got my cupcake liners organized (they.were.taking.over)

So, if you can overlook that nasty microwave...
I'd say this turned out pretty good! :)


When I dropped off stuff at the Community Help Center today I found these AWESOME glasses!! Oh, I was needing new glassware SO bad...employing children to unload the dishwasher has really put a dent in my cabinet...
WAY too many glasses broken lately! :(

I thought they were a pretty sweet deal!

AND..while I organized today, 
I made some banana nut bread to take down to my new neighbors...

Simple & sweet.

I my new neighbors!!
I'm already looking forward to getting to know them. :)


Ok, before I head out I wanted to share this blog I found...

Oh, my!

This girl is serious business! ;)

I love it!

Alright, hungry people are starting to raid the pantry...
must serve food.  ;)

Happy Friday!