We interrupt this blog for a major case of the sickies!


A case of the Flu...

The tummy bug....


If sick children are not enough, my internet service has come down with something funky too!

I just wanted to pop in here to wish my sweet Daddy P (the only person not sick at our house this weekend) a very Happy Birthday!

& also thank my mommy for keeping Miss O away from the germs all weekend (which unfortunately didn't work, she is whining "I don't feel good" this evening)

& also thank my sweet mother in law, Little Debby for bringing dinner over for us tonight....yummy goodness pork chops & death by chocolate (chocolate on chocolate) cake!

(and now my pants are tight)


Back to regular blogging soon (I hope).

(& I've never blogged via iPad before, so who knows what this will look like) ;)

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