Smile on My Face...

no, not because of the cleaning I've been doing 
(since I am not finished yet, bah)...

But, because of some of the 
 wonderful things out in blog land lately 
& I wanted to share them with you guys.
First of all, meet Kelly at Kelly's Korner.

I have been reading her blog for about a year now, it's on my blog roll & I check it every time she updates. Mostly her blog is about her life & her daughter, Harper...but at the very same time it's not "all about her" at all...she's so sweet & kind & loves people.  She's always reaching out to people and making them feel special. Since she has over NINE thousand blog followers, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks she's grand. I would definitely love to meet her in real life!  

Check out this blog entry sure to go all the way down to the little video of Harper.  This one was so precious, it made my day!


Ree Drummond, THE Pioneer Woman

Seriously, I don't think I've laughed so much reading a blog...ever!

She cooks, takes pictures, she writes books...
homeschools her four kids...
all along she is looking fabulous & 
shares her home & garden style tips 
and her hilarious ramblings of a city girl living on a ranch...

She totally had me at HELLO!
Here's her little intro:

My Name Is Ree

I'm a desperate housewife. 
I live in the country. 
I channel Lucille Ball, 
Vivien Leigh, 
and Ethel Merman. 
Welcome to my frontier!

She sucked me in immediately! ;)

Get to know her here first...
then grab your coffee & spend some time on the ranch...
she is absolutely hilarious & deliriously wonderful!


Then there's TONI at Dazzle Design!

She hit the nail right on the head...
There is so much goodness going on, 
you don't even notice that 
her site has nothing to do with Edward Cullen at all! ;)

I have just recently run up on her site...
I have poured over it with my mouth watering!
The room ideas, the party ideas, the projects, the DIY...

it will TOTALLY Dazzle you!
Get over there, you will love it!


and since I'm sharing goodness, 
I want to also tell you about this new site I bought from recently.
Shopping for ME!

Holy cuteness!!
I ordered a dress from's awesome...
It's grey stretchy knit, 
layer it with a tank, footless leggings, ballet flats & a denim jacket in the spring...layer it with a turtleneck, leggings & boots...
dress it up, dress it's awesome!

and it was not expensive!

They have tons and tons of great things on their site (very similar to Anthropologie)...peek at their NEW ARRIVALS...control, must have control!!
Yeah...Do get over & check them out. ;)


Now, if you're looking for a baby gift...
check out THIS SITE!

Ava Mac designs is owned by my NEIGHBOR...
She had told me that she "sews a little"...

That little stinker!!

I had no idea I had such a talented woman living behind me!!
Aside from being the cutest thing I've ever seen (& she's so sweet, you don't even hate her for being so pretty) ;)
She has two of the yummiest kids I've ever seen!

I'm going to see if I can get her to monogram some little towels for me to use at the gym...whatever they wash their little towels with seems to HATE my face! 

I get this sensitive, burning skin thing...
then it's dry & flaking (even after I exfoliate)...
then it goes back to normal 
& then I FORGET...
go back to the gym & I DO IT AGAIN
Ugh, stop the madness!!

Anyway. ;)

It's snowing this morning.
The kind of snowy morning every school teacher in the south dreams of.

I'm waiting for the word, 
because TODAY is Miss O's first BASKETBALL GAME!!


Be back to share this fool organizing I've drug out...


I'm loving it when it's done...
but holy MESSES, Batman!! ;)

Happy Saturday!