Wonderful Wednesday!

What a great day it's been!

Busy, busy, busy!

I ran to the grocery this morning & on my way home it started snowing these HUGE cotton ball snowflakes!

It was awesome
(and it was awesome to get my camera out, I miss my camera!!)

I am still working on Challenge #4...
I went a little crazy & 
tore my closet apart right along with the 
linen closet in the laundry room...

It was a mess!!

It's cleaned up now, but I don't have time to share...
I'm out the door for kickboxing...

be back to share organizing tomorrow 
AND another yummy recipe from my sweet cousin, Kerry.
AND please add my baby cousin, Eli to your prayer list. He is having surgery tomorrow. I'll keep you posted, but please pray for that precious lil guy.

Hope your Wednesday was WONDERFUL!