Beauty Secrets

The secrets are OUT...

Today's theme on Kelly's 
"Show Us Your Life" series is BEAUTY!
I LOVE hearing what other people use,
there are SO many products out there & sometimes it's 
really too expensive to just "try" something out...

I thought it would be fun to share what I use,
you get a quick little post together & share over there too. ;)

Here's what's in my bathroom...


Most of the time I use Arbonne Ginger Citrus Sugar Scrub...
it is HEAVENLY & leaves your skin so soft 
(which is so nice during the alligator winter months)!

I also use Juicy Couture shower gel & 
Shamperfect Shampoo (especially in the summer, 
when your hair gets hot in the sun or your scalp starts to sweat in the heat...which is daily here in the south...this stuff makes you smell lovely instead of sweaty).

I don't really have a regular shampoo, I like to change it...
usually based on what is on sale.  ;)

I do use (love) Panteen Shampoo the most, Dove & sometimes Ausse.
 I always use Biolage Conditioner & I love their shampoo too!


I have recently (in the last three months)
started using Moraccan Oil
(local peeps, Misty sells this at Beauty Boutique)...
I towel dry my hair,
then apply a dime size amount before I blow-dry.

I swear by this stuff, 
I can tell a HUGE different in the texture of my hair...
it is SOFT & not dry anymore...
(I am super cheap &) it is NOT cheaply, 
but that little bottle will probably last you 9-10 months...
& it is worth EVERY penny!

Hairspray, I usually use Panteen...
but I love the Biolage hairspray too.

Face Products:
This is a constant battle for me...
I am still looking the perfect product for my (rapdily aging) skin!

I wash my face with Neutrogena Face Wash

or Origins A Perfect World Creamy Face Wash

and since I still occasionally break out 
like I'm going to a middle school dance...
I SWEAR by Origins Spot Remover...

it's CRAZY good stuff (& lasts FOREVER)

(did I mention that I SWEAR by it!?!?!)

Body Moisturizer, I like Vaseline Brand SPF 15...
it doesn't really have a lovely smell, so
I usually mix it with my Juicy Couture Perfume Lotion.

This is awesome protection...
I cannot tell you how many times this white girl has gotten out at soccer or baseball & suddenly it was a bit sunnier than I expected...
this lotion has saved me from casual sunburn MANY times & I love it!

I also like Jergens FIRMING Natural Glow Lotion
(mixed with the Vaseline SPF, of course)

I really could tell a difference in the DIMPLES on my thighs...
I know that sounds completely ridiculous...
but it's true, girlfriend. ;)

Face Moisturizer,
I have tried & REALLY liked the Cellex-C skin care line,
it's a vitamin C enriched product & my skin looked so good!

But it is crazy expensive...
I'm searching for something more reasonable.
(any suggestions?)

Make Up:

I LOVE Bare Essentials for my face, 
cheeks & is great!

I love, love, love Buxom Mascara for thick, full lashes

but, I also use Kiss Me by Blinc at the pool & the gym
(local peeps, Misty also has this at Beauty Boutique) 

I would totally fight you over my lip gloss!

(HA....ok, not really...but I seriously LOVE this stuff)

I exclusively wear Buxom Lip Pencil & Gloss...
it is one of the most treasured possessions in my bathroom, 
in my pool bag, gym bag, glove box and purse.

if I've bought you some as a gift,
consider yourself to be the most favorite of all people on my list...

My favorite shade is Athens (pencil) and Monica (gloss)

(seriously, I would kick your butt) ;)

and that's about it

What about you?
What's in your bathroom?


I'm KNOW I took pictures of this Dog Food Canister project...
I cannot find them!!


I will take more & be back to share 

Hope everyone has a BEAUTIFUL Friday!