Chalkboard Fun!

Back last spring I ran up on this really cool 
OLD western framed print.

It was just twenty five cents 
at our local Community Help Center
(I don't even bother with Goodwill anymore, ours is blah)
& I was thinking since E's room is done 
in a cowboy theme...
maybe we would go from cute little cowboy
to full blown WESTERN boy...

(ok, or maybe his mommy is cowboy crazy...)
well, E's room is fine the way it is for now
(he never sleeps in there anyway)

so I decided to give this artwork a makeover.




Craft Episode


I had some spray on CHALKBOARD paint 

it's great stuff!

After giving it a good clean up, 
I simply removed the print from the frame.  

and lightly began to coat it with the paint.

The key to spray painting is layers...
go light...
work your way slowly, 
don't try to cover a spot entirely right off the bat.

I LOVE this...
the print was just a piece of cardboard...
(it was ripped even)
it has this wicked texture,
lots of character immediately!

I let it dry entirely, 
then gave another FULL coat of paint.

Then after two full days of debate...
I put it back in the original frame.

I was going paint it too, but I REALLY 
liked the AGED look about it...
(duh, cause it IS old...)  ;)

and I think it looks right at home on my mantel right now.

I paired it with the $5 feathered heart 
& some red stones I found under my kitchen cabinet 
(another benefit from January's Organizing Binge)

& for $5.25, I'm ready for Valentine's Day!

(ahem, Daddy P...I know you read on the sly...Valentine's Day is MONDAY)

My little posse is busy in the kitchen putting their cards together for school.  I think I'll go help them, then head upstairs to play another round of JUST DANCE 2 on the Wii....Miss O is wanting me to dance with Frankie & the Monster Mash...

But little does she know, 
I'm planning to break out a can of JAMES BROWN!


I'll be back to share another project I took care of
 a new home for...


Happy Thursday!