Flashback Friday (pictures from my phone)

I've had this phone for almost three years....

and just yesterday I finally figured out how
to get the PICTURES off of it!

Some of them made me laugh out loud...
they are definitely Flashback Friday worthy! ;)

(and since there were about 3,000 pictures, I'll definitely share more later)

Daddy P, super excited about the new patio furniture we just bought! ;)

Little Smokey riding with Sneaky E in the backseat.

Miss O & her silly sunglasses!

Sweet sneaky E...almost 3 here...taking a power nappy...sniffle, he was so little!!

Big O enjoying the biggest piece of pizza known to man.

The fabulous shirt I found while on vacation...LOL!

Give my kids some sunglasses & you are going to see some funny stuff, I tell ya! ;)

Donuts for breakfast, yum!!!

HILARIOUS, Sneaky E out to lunch with dad...wearing his bike helmet & pads (as a fashion statement, yes)...that's exactly how he rolls!

Thanks to my phone, I was able to capture the "first swim"...little fish just took off!

Sneaky E having another trend setting moment at the local pool...

Miss O & (a very little) Little Patti at bedtime. :)

and finally...Sneaky E providing entertainment everywhere he goes. ;)

There were many, many more...
I'll share again on another Flashback Friday.

Hope you have a fantastic day!