How do you use your iPad?

Daddy P (love him) gave me an iPad for Christmas this year.

I thought I wanted one, 
they're super cool!

But, I totally had no idea
how much I was going to LOVE it once I got it!

It is amazing!!

I was reading a couple of weeks ago on Beach Brights Blog...
she had shared SEVERAL, several great apps to use for the iPad
(most of which were FREE).
I added a ton of new apps to my ipad just from reading that blog entry, 
I really appreciated the info she shared! :)

I thought I would share a couple of my faves
and maybe you will share a few of yours too...
just leave a comment below, 
Because I've been primarily using my iPad to read books OR to teach Sneaky E, I would love some fresh app suggestions!

Here are some that I use...
(most of mine are duplicates of Beach Brights suggestions...
I had NONE for me until I read her entry)

(it's's...oh, my...fabulous!!)

Yep, Nook has an app...

I am a B&N member,
they are VERY organized & easy...
the books load fast, 
much faster than the ibooks app that is associated with the itunes.  
The books are not cheaper, but B&N has a much better selection.
(plus you can lend & borrow books via B&N too)

I'm not a big game player, 
but I find myself playing a quick game of 
Solitaire whenever I'm waiting in line or picking up the kids. 
I have this app on my phone too, it's addictive!

I don't use this everyday, 
but it has some GREAT healthy recipes on it!

I WISH Pioneer Woman had a recipe app,
now that would be AWESOME!!

Mostly, I use my iPad for educational games, flash cards & 
the living books for Sneaky E. Cursive practice & multiplication for Miss O, & even some things for Big O to use too!

Check out this list...TONS!!
E LOVES his games & we read stories together ALL the time!
I probably have 50 kids apps on my iPad right now,
they are super duper!

& here are a couple I just found out about...
but haven't given them a try yet:

count down to special events,
I think my kids will love this!

It's a grocery list...
I think I would rather have this app on my phone though.

and this one looks very neat:


Here's an article I found that shares the top ten free apps from 2010.

So, what about you?
HOW do you use your iPad?
Do you have any favorite iPad or iPhone apps to share?

I'm heading out to take E to the local bouncy house
he needs to get some energy out...
it's a nasty, soggy day here!

Wishing you some sunshine on Thursday!