Little Red Table Make Over

I've been a little busy...

playing catch up...

trying to completely recover from this 
little bug I picked up from Miss O.

Seven full days & I finally I feel GOOD again!


Let's see...
not a lot going on here to tell you about.

I've been to a few meetings, 
planning a few things here & there...
getting ready for the 
spring madness to begin!

Big O is turning 13 next month (sob)
I'm not handlng this very well.
I was ok with him being as tall as me.
Fine with him borrowing Daddy P's shoes.
I though it strange when he began sounding a little different,
weird...but that was ok too.

But for some reason, 
the number...
is really hurting my heart.

I guess I thought maybe I would be a mommy of little kids forever...
I never really considered that they would become teenagers.

I'm so not ready!


and that brings me to another boat rocking discovery...

I've been reading Gone With the Wind 
(for about the 47th time)

Reading along, loving my story.
And then it hits me...
I am the SAME AGE right now that Scarlett's 
was in the book!

HOW did that happen?!?! 

(double sob!!!)

I can't think about that right now...
I'll think about that tomorrow!

and then there's my baby...

Sneaky E.

He's turning five the first weekend in April...

Ok, let's not go there...
we'll think about that one tomorrow too. ;)


It was finally a warm enough day 
with not too much wind...

I broke out a fresh can of spray paint, baby!

Free Ugly-ish Little Table
(with very cute legs)

Rubber Gloves...
and my trusty sanding block!

My cousin Emily is due with Baby D
(that's GENDER NEUTRAL Baby D)
in about six more weeks.

She's got the nursery just as cute as can be...
done in 
Sock Monkey!

I'll snap some pictures the next time I'm over there.
(which will be soon because I need to take her this newly painted piece)
It's yummy with reds & chocolates & aqua & polka dots...
She did a really good job, it's adorable!

We'll anyhow, 
you know before you do any painting you should always
CLEAN the object first.

After I removed the hardware I realized I was going to need to 
SAND on the drawer a bit
to get the indention of drawer pull off.

Then I took her outside for a nice coat of red.
This is the same red I used on Sneaky E's Dresser, btw.
(Colonial Red, Gloss)

Really, really pretty!
(Love those pretty legs, don't you?)

Now, it's super important
to make sure you have helpers when you paint.

Really important!

Helpers like these guys...

yep, so helpful... ;)

After it dried, I took it back inside 
& gave it some distressing treatment.
And added some little touches...

And now, it's all ready for sweet Baby D's 


Sock Monkey baby bedroom. ;)

(can you tell that's driving me nuts)

Well, I'm heading to bed...
Big O & Daddy P are watching some boring car chase movie


Miss O & Sneaky E are snoring on the living room couch...

I'm going to grab my book & read while I can still keep my eyes open!

Wishing you a very happy weekend! :)