"Mud Room" Reveal

Happy Valentine's Day, Friends!

This year my I have TWO Valentine's...

Daddy P and Tamiflu!

The kiddie germs finally caught up with me...
whew, I'm SO thankful for (Daddy P) and Tamiflu!

Daddy P is out taking Miss O to basketball & my boys are in Marioland on the Wii...I thought I would pop in here real quick before bedtime & share some love (& not germs) with my blogging friends.  :)
I wanted to share our Mud Room Project now that it's done.

It's not really a ROOM, it's more like a Mud Hall..

It STAYS pretty full of coats & jackets & shoes & bags...
it's a hard working area & I'm LOVING IT!

(and during) 

and now...


See all those shoes under the bench!?!?  It's the PERFECT hiding spot!!

Is my floor always that scratched up looking?!?
Unfortunately, yes...it is.

Daddy P will come home one day 
and find me going to town with a sander...
it's going to make me snap...
I can feel it. ;)

I'm just really, really happy with it!

Thank you, Daddy P for whipping this project into shape! 
You're the best!  

(and, no I'm not buttering him up because I've got another project lined up...or I want a new car...I would never do that)...



I have a new MAIL SYSTEM in place now,
but I have one more thing that needs to be put on the wall before I share.

I'll be back with that this week...

Get your Terrific post together & come back tomorrow to share.

Have you done a crazy craft?
Done some divine decorating?

A fab furniture redo?
Have you orchestr
ated some organizing??
Sewing up a storm??
Listing some new handmade goodness in your Etsy shop?

Let's see what you're up to...
doesn't have to be fancy.
If my blogging buddies did it, 
then it's sure to be Terrific!

I'll be sharing that fun Dog Food Canister (finally).
Can't wait to see what you guys have been up to!
Wishing you a beautiful Valentine's Evening!