Terrific Tuesday!

Yep, it's Tuesday again!

Tell us something terrific!

Have you done a crazy craft?
Done some divine decorating?

A fab furniture redo?
Have you orchestr
ated some organizing??
Sewing up a storm??
Listing some new handmade goodness in your Etsy shop?

Let's see what you're up to...
doesn't have to be fancy.

I'm up to something terrific this week
(ok, a lot of somethings but they're not all terrific)

I'm still working on the craft room...
FAR FROM DONE, but I'm making progress.

As soon as I get that china cabinet moved up there...

(maybe some day...)

Daddy P put my new light fixture up last week,
(I heart you, Daddy P)
it is divine!
Thank you so much, Sharae for sharing where you got yours...
you are SO right, it really looks like a real one!

I love that light fixture, 
but I'm not sure if it's my favorite part of the room anymore...

I am helping with a baby shower next month & 
a friend and I are taking care of the invitations.
When I popped in my local card shop last week I saw her...

heavens to betsy...

she just screamed to me...

(which is the theme of my craft room, haha)

I talked myself out of it 
(it was not cheaply)

but it stewed in my head for days...
so, when I had to pop back in to approve the type...
there she was...
still waiting on me...

I had to take her home! ;)

I'll get a better picture to share with you soon...
it's still a holy pig sty in there right now. 

so, that's all I've got.
What about you?

I know you've got some terrific stuff going on...
can't wait to see!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!