Thursday Ramblings

Well, still without Internet.

I'm not even annoyed anymore.

(sob, that's a lie)

It confuses me though...
I've been off-line for a week & have somehow accomplished zero.

(it seems that way anyway)

I found this great organizer for my mail at all that organized & it looks great (instead of horribly messy)...

I got my pictures up in the mud room, they are up there...I'm a tough critic. ;)

I planned the Valentine's Party for Miss O's class...& now I have to make a trip to Michaels!

I finished up pictures for a mod podge frame tutorial.

I also turned a twenty five cent goodwill framed print into a chalkboard showpiece for my mantle!

(Sneaky E just pushed the cat off the couch, looks at me with his face all wrinkled up & says "her was biting my toe"...ha, love him!)

I physically TOOK my catalogs & newspapers to the recycling center...we had so much, I felt like I needed to have a moment of silence to honor the trees that died for all those stupid catalogs (that I don't even shop from, I need to get online & get off their mailing list)

(I need a clone)

(and Internet, ahem)

I started making piles, the spring consignment sale is in two weeks! As usual, everyone has grown & needs their closet refurbished...dressing three children is a full time job!

I went to Hobby Lobby (love) with my bestest pal, Jennifer (also love). Got fabric to make curtains in my sewing room (insert clone).

Big O broke my beloved label what point is it safe to put something down in my own home & leave it unattended for five minutes...after they have left for college?!!?!

I made Pioneer Woman pizza last night (from her cookbook), heavens to Betsy...SO good!!!

(ok, maybe I have accomplished some stuff this week after all)


I have a couple of people on my prayer list that I wanted to mention.

My cousin's son, sweet baby Eli (who recently had surgery on his kidney). His doctors are not happy with the results/healing and are now saying he will need a stint put in. Please pray for this little guy, he has been in a lot of pain this year. :(

And my sister in law's father had surgery yesterday to remove a tumor in his brain. I have not heard how he is doing yet, I know she was very worried & wished she could be there with him (he lives in a different state).


How about organizing...
Have you been working on things at your house?

I still have a couple of trouble spots that I really need to address...they are on my list!

It definitely pays to get organized!
Things run so much more smoothly here....AND I found a grand total of $23 in change during the January Challenge on Bowl Full of Lemons! Ha!

Ok, I'm done rambling...

I think I've fixed all the errors in my post here...the autocorrect feature & I are most definitely not on the same page...(so, if something makes no sense, it was him....not me)

I'll leave you with this lovely Valentine's card that I found in our master closet last month during my organizing spree (from me, to Daddy's a perfect example of our relationship). ;)


Happy Thursday!

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