(Crazy Simple) Monogrammed Art

So, I found these adhesive monogrammed letters 
on Clearance at Joann's last week...

Of course I bought up all the P's  ;)
They came in several different colors, 
I can't wait to use them around my house!

(note: I found these in the back of the store where the custom order drapery fabric is ocated...local peeps, on the back wall next to the window hardware & restrooms)

I'm helping with a baby shower on Saturday &
thought I would make something to use on the table
that could also be taken home & used by the little mama.

Here's a  little tutorial on how to make


Monogrammed Art!
(click on the pictures to see them enlarged)

Here's all that you will need:

Frame, paper or fabric backing & your letter.
You could EASILY use a vinyl letter for this, 
but I LOVE this stitched looking letter!

Simply trace your frame insert onto the paper. 

Cut it out.  I used a straight edge paper cutter...love this thing!

Then apply your letter.

Put it back into the frame...

and you're ready to go!

Ridiculously easy, no?

I can't wait to make a few things for my house using these!

I had someone ask if I did these with silhouettes of my kids yet,
I haven't but I have seen a few bloggers do it...my blogging buddy, Angel made some recently...they turned out SO good!!

I also wanted to say thank you (or pank you, as E would say) for your sweet comments the other day.  I just felt like I needed to share that with you guys. I have local friends who read my blog & I think most everyone I know understands about it...but I STILL have people who I am friendly with CALL ME on my cell & I just look at it like "don't they know??"...
Y'all are sweet. :)

AND, I have a new blog to share...
this is Amber, she is one of my sister's gym buddies.

This Mommy Cooks, her blog ROCKS!!
Go check her out!

Hope you have a great Thursday!